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NUBA Viajes de Superación Personal


Personal Growth Trips

Through sport, you will reach your own limits by practicing activities such as trekking, diving or skiing in unlikely places.
Each trip is a great challenge to experience and a unique story to tell.

Trekking por el Himalaya en Nepal

Treakking through the Himalayas in Nepal

Experience an unknown gem at  the Mardi Himal and the impressive Machapuchhare. The trail travels winding roads and magical forests up to 10,826.77 feet high.

Buceo bajo el hielo

Diving under the ice of the Porlar Arctic Circle or in the Antarctica 

Diving next to icebergs entering narrow ice tunnels and exploring sunken ships… In the Arctic the show takes on another dimension.

Esquí de travesía en Los Alpes

Crossing or mountain skiing in the Norwegian Arctic or in the Aples

Ascents and descents  high mountains with the only help of skis, without any type of mechanical propulsion. A sport that implies challenge and full personal improvement.

Recorrer Mongolia a caballo

Mongolia on horseback

A challenging eight-day route through the steep hills of Khoridal Saridag on the back of Mongolian horses, legendary for their endurance and the ability to traverse difficult terrain.

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