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Viajes de Novios, Luna de Miel y Pedidas de mano


The first great trip of our new life

NUBA personally chooses each of its accommodations based on their charm, location and high quality. We offer lodges in the most romantic places and the best selection of tailor-made experiences while keeping in mind the latest trends.

Through our global network of correspondents we are guaranteed the success of our trip, as we are given first hand insider information for our destinations.

For lovers of sports and wild nature or those who prefer to disconnect and enjoy the pleasure of resting on paradisiacal beaches, Nuba has the best trips for the most romantic and dreamy couple.

Because there is no better way to start life together than traveling.

Para soñadores

Para soñadores

For dreamers

Travel the Amalfi Coast in vintage cars, relive ” Out of Africa ” in a replica biplane from the film in Kenya or soar over the Napa Valley at sunrise.

Para amantes del relax

Para amantes del relax

For those who love to kick back

Have lunch on a Motu in Bora Bora, dive in mini-submarines in the British Virgin Islands, wake up in a seaside villa in the Maldives or swim with dolphins in the Seychelles.

Para aventureros

Para aventureros

For adventurers

Fly over the North Island of New Zealand by helicopter, practice ice camp in Chile in the middle of the pristine white or see the mountain gorillas up close in Rwanda and Uganda.

Para creadores de tendencia

Para creadores de tendencia

For trendsetters

Cross the Mongolian mountains on horseback, discover the best kept secrets of Bhutan or arrive in  Los Cabos  Mexico to be part of a project that protects endangered marine fauna.


Tradition and Nature in Asia

Indonesia & Japan

Encounter the unknown paradise of Sumba Island in a journey that unites the most ancient tradition of Japan with the most exuberant vegetation of Indonesia.

Beautiful sunsets in Africa

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Seychelles

Experience the vibrant nights of Cape Town, the wildest nature of Moremi and the Okavango Delta in Botswana and finish on the paradisiacal beaches of Seychelles.

The legends of the South in America

Chile & French Polynesia

Starting on the enigmatic Easter Island, crossing the Atacama desert and reaching a private island in the middle of French Polynesia; discovering that the sea in reality, is many shades of blue.

Breathtaking landscapes in Oceania

New Zealand & Fiji Islands

In New Zealand the mountains have created science fiction forests for all kinds of adventures. With coconut trees and crystal clear waters, The Fiji Islands are a paradisiacal destination.

The secrets of history  in America

Peru & Galapagos Islands

Meet the City of the Gods in Peru and then reach the Galapagos Islands, one of the most sacred ecosystems on the planet and home to the diving paradise in Gordon Rocks.


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