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Orígenes y filosofía de NUBA


Origin. The NUBA

Africa is the cradle of humanity: Our Origin

 African Expeditions began in 1994 as a colonial-style geographic club where a small group of experts drew unexplored routes on their maps.  Far from the tourist packages offered by conventional agencies, these adventure trips commemorated the old expeditions of the first explorers of the 19th century.

The Nuba tribe

Our name could not have come but from a strong warrior tribe from the mountains of northern Sudan, The Nuba. They are one of the most persecuted and admirable tribes, and we had the opportunity to meet them during our first visit to the continent.

Their lost soul is still imprinted on our essence.

From expeditionary trips to exclusive and tailor-made trips

 With the passage of time, the expeditionary model of the beginning evolved as our travelers did too. Their knowledge of the world was increasing and the demand for exclusive and tailor-made experiences was growing.

Specialization, differentiation and the absolute obsession to know the client in depth was key for our development. Nuba began to expand its range of destinations, creating both a network of trusted correspondents spread over 65 countries and a product of the highest quality and with excellent service for the traveler.

NUBA Group: Experience Designer Company

 In 2016 we embarked on a grand project to add new capabilities to our value proposition in the luxury segment and offer new comprehensive, exclusive and personalized services for companies.

NUBA Group was born, a leader in a professional and creative alternative formed by different identities that share the same DNA and are integrated as a single community with a common goal.

Year on year we strengthen our commitment to the development of social initiatives and exciting CSR projects in sustainable tourism, such as creating training schools in underdeveloped countries, collaborating with NGOs, sponsoring wild animals or creating pioneering sustainable programs in different destinations on the planet.

New destinations, new challenges and new moments ’

At NUBA Group we are getting bigger. We´ve joined forces to provide a holistic service to companies and individuals.We are the alternative that offers the most original, exclusive and personalized services, giving our clients the security and peace of mind they deserve when they trust us to see the world. Our main driver is focused towards new destinations, new challenges and new moments to continue doing what we do best: surprising our customers.

With the wind in our sails, we continue the journey towards the horizon with new dreams and challenges.

The World is Waiting…

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