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Holy ground

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Israel is the faith megaphone for the human species. In no other place has there been so much prayer as in Jerusalem. The walls of its repeatedly worn-down cities act as a loudspeaker for a symphony of virtue and the virtue of piety. You see that piety in the way many Israelis dress, the ambient incense, the lights that filter through nooks and crannies, and discovering the past around every corner.


Israel. Recorrido por los túneles subterráneos

Israel. Recorrido por los túneles subterráneos

Tour underground tunnels that in ancient times the Templars used to search for Christian relics.

Israel. Descubre los hallazgos arqueológicos de Israel

Israel. Descubre los hallazgos arqueológicos de Israel

Marvel at Israel’s archaeological findings, in the company of an archaeology professor who’ll reveal the most detailed aspects of every excavation.

Israel. Encuentro único con la Orquesta Filarmónica

Israel. Encuentro único con la Orquesta Filarmónica

A unique encounter with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Tel Aviv.

Israel. Disfrutar de una cena de Shabat

Israel. Disfrutar de una cena de Shabat

Enjoy a sabbath meal at a Jerusalem Jewish family’s home, to learn more about the rituals surrounding wine-drinking and cholla bread; candle-lighting and the most traditional hymns.

Go behind the scenes at Tel Aviv’s Philharmonic Orchestra

Even classical music non-fans will appreciate this exclusive experience with the youngest performers from the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nighttime strolls

Walk around ancient cities by night, discovering their walls and roofs. Learn about every religious stripe including Muslims, Gnostics and Jews.

Recommended travel time: Spring

The best time to travel to Israel is from March to June, when it’s still not too hot and you can go into deserts.

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