Las maravillosas Islas de la Polinesia


The dream of the south seas

Tailor made trip to Polynesia

The spectacle of emerald lagoons and endless beaches begins from the air, before landing on the beautiful islands of the South Pacific. Dream of writers and artists, French Polynesia evokes a volcanic past that keeps its traditions and customs alive.


Polinesia. Ruta en quads por los senderos de jungla

Polinesia. Ruta en quads por los senderos de jungla

Quad biking along the jungle trails around Cook and Opunahu Bays.

Polinesia. Descansar en un exclusivo alojamiento

Polinesia. Descansar en un exclusivo alojamiento

Rest in an exclusive accommodation on the transparent waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Polinesia. Almuerzo al más puro estilo polinesio

Polinesia. Almuerzo al más puro estilo polinesio

Lunch in the purest Polynesian style on a motu and snorkel in the Bora Bora coral gardens.



Sailing by boat through its crystal clear waters and diving among whales with the help of an expert naturalist and a diver to discover how they take care of their young.

Polinesia. Aprender las tradiciones culturales polinesias

Polinesia. Aprender las tradiciones culturales polinesias

Learn the Polynesian cultural traditions with an expert guide, who will reveal the secret legends of the Papaneo Valley on an expedition.

Polinesia. Surcar los mares del Sur

Polinesia. Surcar los mares del Sur

Sail the South Seas, visiting all its islands and snorkeling with sharks or diving until you reach the coral reefs, spending the night on a private catamaran.

Recommended season: summer and autumn

 Polynesia has a temperate tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 77ºF and 86ºF with two distinct seasons: the hot and humid season, from November to April and the cold and dry season, from May to October. During the wet season the islands of Polynesia can be affected by occasional tropical cyclones as well as short and unpredictable storms.

The best time to travel to Polynesia is during the dry season, with very pleasant temperatures around 80ºF and little rainfall.

Seasonal experiences

Heiva i Tahiti Festival
During the month of July, one of the most important cultural and folkloric events is celebrated in the more than 118 islands of Polynesia, the Heiva i Haiti Festival. Among the most surprising acts are the famous dance competitions, dances loaded with symbols, frantic rhythms and adorned with spectacular costumes typical of the rich Tahitian culture and accompanied by orchestras that proudly display their traditional instruments such as the nasal flute, seashells. and more recently the ukulele.

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