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Custom travel to Switzerland

The best way to custom travel to Switzerland, in private, everything organized to the smallest detail. Nestled between imposing peaks; silent lakes; clean and efficient cities; this nation among nations unfolds all of its charms to visitors..

The Switzerland Grand Tour condenses the country’s main natural and cultural attractions.

Getting there is the goal. There where respect for nature is enlightenment, the pace is paused; where Alpine traditions exist side-by-side with the latest trends. Charmingly square , polyglot, refined, sophisticated, prudent.

In short, pure Switzerland.


Suiza.  La Gran Ruta

Suiza. La Gran Ruta

Take the Switzerland Grand Tour, a 1600-kilometer journey involving all five senses, touching on the country’s most beautiful landscapes.

Suiza. Los Cuatro Cantones

Suiza. Los Cuatro Cantones

Cross the Lake Lucerne in a steamboat.

Suiza. Vistas al amanecer

Suiza. Vistas al amanecer

Wake up in accommodations with spectacular views.



Thrill to sunset on the Kappellbrücke, an ancient timber bridge in Lucerne.

Suiza. Línea Férrea

Suiza. Línea Férrea

Reach new heights aboard Europe’s highest railroad, next stop the Jungfrau’s breathtaking summit. The Bearnaise Alps never looked so magnificent!

Suiza. Teleférico

Suiza. Teleférico

Hop a cable car for magnificent valley and glacier panoramas. Plus glimpses of famed Swiss summits like Jungfrau, Eiger, Mönch, Cervino, Santis and Titlis.

Recommended travel time: Spring and summer

The best time to travel in Switzerland is in the spring and summer, when there’s not a cloud in the sky and temperatures are warmer.

The Alpine range that occupies a great deal of the nation’s area determines Switzerland’s weather. Though in general winters are cold and long, summers offer temperatures that are relatively moderate and amenable, especially in those regions furthest from the mountains.

Seasonal experiences

VIP tickets to the Montreux Jazz Festival.

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