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Douro tastes

Custom travel to Portugal 

The best way to custom travel to Portugal, in private, down to the smallest possible detail. The city of Porto and its river, the Douro, are famed for their more than ten centuries of urban landscape, history, delicious wines, and cuisine not to be had in any other part of the world.

Perched on a hill at the mouth of the that river, and looking out with curiosity to the Atlantic Ocean, Porto is a city of extraordinary light, notably welcoming, and as intoxicating as its signature vintages. The River Douro flows between hills given over to cultivating wine grapes and Porto’s old town crawls up and down the banks via narrow, raffish lanes at whose summits there are always breathtaking vistas of the beloved river and city.


Portugal. La cocina del chef Henrique Sá Pessoa

Portugal. La cocina del chef Henrique Sá Pessoa

Drop in on Michelin-starred Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s Lisbon kitchen. You’ll learn all about Portuguese cuisine’s tastes as you enjoy a flawless dinner.

Portugal. Paseo en velero privado

Portugal. Paseo en velero privado

Take a private sailboat ride along the River Tagus to admire Lisbon from an alternative, sunset perspective.

Portugal. Paseo privado en sidecar

Portugal. Paseo privado en sidecar

You haven’t lived till you take a private motorcycle joyride over Lisbon’s quaint streets and hills.

Portugal. Picnic romántico

Portugal. Picnic romántico

Picnic aboard your private sailboat with romantic Douro views. You’ll be seduced by all the beauty and charm you see riverside.

Portugal. Degustación privada en las mejores bodegas

Portugal. Degustación privada en las mejores bodegas

Private wine-tastings in Porto’s best very port-wine cellars.

Portugal. Relajarse en una mansión histórica

Portugal. Relajarse en una mansión histórica

Relax and recharge at an historic, nineteenth-century mansion, now an exclusive, sustainable accommodation.

Recommended travel time: Spring

 The best time to travel to Porto is in spring. There’s barely a cloud in the sky, the sun shines almost all day, and temperatures couldn’t be nicer.

Porto’s climate is humid but temperate. In general, summers are sunny and hot. Summer storms are quite common and the rain might fall for several days. Winters are not unduly cold but you also get prolonged precipitations. In October temperatures are pleasant…but heavy rains can fall at any time.

Seasonal experiences

Have dinner at Villa d’Allen in Porto, a stately nineteenth-century mansion that now opens its doors to special guests —like you—who discover the family history that’s still in place. You’ll fall in love with romantic, French-style gardens, lakes, channels and waterfalls. Exotic and ornamental plants hearken back to the era when Porto was a grand European cultural capital.

Pay a private visit to a recognized Portuguese artist’s surprising atelier, home to an extraordinary collection typically closed to the public at large. You’ll never forget what you learn from host artists.

Frolic on the wild beaches at Comporta; a horseback adventure awaits at sunset.

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