La maravillosa Italia


The fine art of living

Custom travel to Italy

The best way to custom travel to Italy, in private, everything organized down to the smallest detail.

Italy is a true banquet of landscapes, tastes and contrasts where you’ll instantly start living la bella vita.

You’ve reached the land of Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Botticelli—but also the world’s most famous vine varieties. Take a sidewalk table and sip a lush aperitivo; sleep in exquisite villas that now offer rural accommodations. Italy is also a Medieval land, featuring cobblestone lanes in smaller cities, peppered with trattorias and boutiques. Other cities boast churches and palaces evincing radiant baroque raiments; many are historic sites where history-book names are exhibited in the form of priceless canvases and sculptures.


Italia. Alojarse en un faro

Italia. Alojarse en un faro

Lodge in an entirely isolated lighthouse, atop formidable cliffs in Sardinia’s south.

Italia. Paseo en yate

Italia. Paseo en yate

Yacht excursion to the Aeolian Islands.

Italia. Entrada privada a un laboratorio artesano

Italia. Entrada privada a un laboratorio artesano

The VIP entrance to an artisanal glassblower’s studio, currently given over to fashioning Versace Home crystal pieces.

Italia. Cata de vinos

Italia. Cata de vinos

Wine-tasting on Mount Aetna slopes and submarining in San Vito lo Capo.

Italia. Conocer palacios y casas de ilustres personajes

Italia. Conocer palacios y casas de ilustres personajes

Venice’s illustrious figures’ palaces and townhouses, complete with adjacent private gardens, will dazzle you.

Italia. Descubrir los secretos de una góndola veneciana

Italia. Descubrir los secretos de una góndola veneciana

Discover the secrets Venetian gondolas hold; see how artisans fashion the last hand-made firearms in city’s famed Armory; or witness how historic costumes are recreated in La Serenissima’s finest ateliers.

Italia. Visitar la Isla privada Santa Cristina

Italia. Visitar la Isla privada Santa Cristina

Chill out on private Santa Cristina Island, only accessible by motorboat.

Recommended travel time: Spring and fall


Surrounded by seas, shielded to the north by the Alps, Italy generally enjoys pleasant temperatures year-round. That said, summers are hot and winters cold, especially in mountainous areas.

The best times for traveling to Italy are spring and autumn, with warm agreeable temps brought on by hot winds that originate in Africa.

Seasonal experiences

Opera Festival at the Verona Arena.

In summer from mid-June to early-September, the beautiful city of Verona hosts Italy’s most prominent Opera festival, at its namesake arena, that happens to be one of the most marvelous amphitheaters from the Ancient Roman era. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy one of the rarest and most elaborate artistic genres, live. Let yourself go when they do the balcony scene in Romeo e Giulietta.

Spend the night on Santa Cristina Island, part of greater Venice. In contrast to that city’s crowds and mass tourism, there is still an island that until recently was all but a secret. The sole access is by motorboat and the best time to visit is summer, to take advantage of a glorious swimming pool or the services of a private chef; strolls through vineyards or private yoga sessions. Ideal for travelers who love quiet and privacy.

In Sicily, follow in Al Pacino’s footsteps, where key Godfather scenes were filmed.

Go out in an antique car, or even a late-model Ferrari, to visit Tuscan Towns or zoom down the Amalfi coast.

Hire a driver to fully enjoy the private chianti trail, complete with tastings, at a fourteenth-century Tuscan villa’s prestigious cellar.

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