Viaje a Grecia con NUBA


Rhapsody in blue

Custom travel to Greece

The same, deep blue landscapes—the erstwhile witnesses to the birth and splendor of the first Aegean civilizations—will thrill you just as soon as you reach the Cyclades Isles.

Labyrinthine olive groves that creep up surrounding hills; turquoise coves in Crete the beautiful, the largest Mediterranean Island in Greece. Mykonos will dazzle you with its clusters of houses featuring gaily colored balconies, cantilevered over the sea with the distinct odor of bougainvillea in every lane you stroll, passing irresistible boutiques and smart cafés. In Santorini the sunsets will knock you back on your heels. The Aegean’s russet waters invite you to sip an aromatic, before-five white wine to temper the heat of this volcanic land.


Grecia. Atardeceres mágicos en Santorini

Grecia. Atardeceres mágicos en Santorini

Discover magical sunsets at Santorini, directly facing a volcanic caldera and Cape Sunion church.

Grecia. Las bodegas de Santorini

Grecia. Las bodegas de Santorini

Get to know more about the Greek wine tradition on visits to wine cellars in Santorini. You’ll sample some of the country’s most prestigious vintages, whose terroir includes nearby volcanic soils.

Grecia. Museo de la Acrópolis

Grecia. Museo de la Acrópolis

Enjoy VIP access to the Acropolis Museum, after hours, and with an expert archaeologist to lead you by the hand.

Recommended travel time: Summer and autumn

The best time to visit the Greek Isles is in September and October, when the weather is temperate and the skies are still cloud-free.

Seasonal experiences

Private cruise to the Cyclades Isles, to marvel at their cliffs covered in whitewashed houses; or helicopter over the ancient city of Athens and thrill to the best Greece views, from Mount Lycabettus.

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