Viaje a Finlandia para ver las auroras boreales


Wild Lapland

Custom travel to Finland

Lapland is the whitewashed infinity; unending landscapes flecked with coniferous forests that lead to Santa Claus’s warm, welcoming setup.

The Finnish extreme north, land of the Sami people, dazzles you with unbelievable northern lights; spectacular, snow-capped forests; frozen lakes and immense flatlands where the only thing that interrupts the silence are the jingle-bells on the reindeer. Located just inside the Arctic Circle , we finally reach the lovely community at Rovaniemi, Kris Kringle’s hometown, where the wee ones’ dreams all come true.


Finlandia. Safari en moto de nieve

Finlandia. Safari en moto de nieve

Safari aboard snowmobiles to immense arctic wilderness.

Finlandia. Paseo en trineo tirado por renos

Finlandia. Paseo en trineo tirado por renos

Get around on icy Lapland roads aboard a one-reindeer open sleigh and stop in for a fireside lunch in a Sami general store called a kota.

Finlandia. La pesca de hielo

Finlandia. La pesca de hielo

Discover ice fishing secrets amid the welcoming silence at frozen lakes.

Finlandia. Recorrido por un circuito de Karting

Finlandia. Recorrido por un circuito de Karting

Go-kart races on snow or ice tracks.

Finlandia. Paseo en trineo tirado por huskies

Finlandia. Paseo en trineo tirado por huskies

Take a husky-drawn dogsled ride. Learn more about caring for these cute canines and the benefits they bring to a region with such an inhospitable climate.

Recommended travel time: Autumn and winter

Believe it or not, the best time for traveling in Finland is during autumn and winter. The color of the autumn leaves, a hue called ruska, paints Lapland in a splendorous last exhibition of wild nature before the freezing, gelid winter. During the darkest part of the year, from December to January, the sun barely rises above the horizon. Finn winters are long, cold, with little humidity and a great deal of (beautiful) snow.

These months produce what Finns call kaamas, the never-ending nights and “daybreaks” in which the sun doesn’t even rise. Not least of all, winter is the best time for once-in-a-lifetime enjoyment of spectacular northern lights.

Seasonal experiences

Father Christmas’s beloved cabin

One unique experience in Lapland is a private visit to the most magical place in the world—Santa Claus’s North Pole headquarters—where the dreams of kids and grownups alike come true. You’ll never forget your private, reindeer-drawn sleigh-ride down a magical path to “Kris Kringle’s” intimate and beloved cabin, where elves and “Papa Noël” himself eagerly await the littlest ones’ letters and listen to their Christmas wishes.

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