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 Everything from Hanoi, still the grande dame of the Orient, and a city of handsome boulevards and French-influenced architecture, to grand museums at Ho Chi Minh city (once Saigon). Live your own version of British writer Graham Greene’s unforgettable The Quiet American, over tea on the terrace at the legendary Continental Hotel, also in Ho Chi Minh. You ‘get’ that Vietnam is energy and vibrancy the minute you arrive.

Yet far from urban hubbub, Vietnam also is home to a dreamy, yet real, unmatched spectacle. Explore the best among thousands of limestone islets, and their surrealist tableaux, that spring from the peaceful, jade-green waters of Halong Bay.


Vietnam. Recorrido en Sidecar por los arrozales

Vietnam. Recorrido en Sidecar por los arrozales

Take a kicky sidecar excursion to enchanting rice-cultivation terraces near the marvelous fishing village of Hoian.

Vietnam. Perderse por las calles de Saigón

Vietnam. Perderse por las calles de Saigón

Lose yourself down Saigon lanes, immortalizing everything you see, with expert guidance from a photographer who helps you change up your perspectives.

Vietnam. Retiro espiritual con clases privadas de cocina orgánica

Vietnam. Retiro espiritual con clases privadas de cocina orgánica

Do some well-deserved spiritual retreat in private meditation, organic cooking and yoga classes at an exclusive Hue mansion.

Vietnam. Recorrido único por las tranquilas aguas del Mekong

Vietnam. Recorrido único por las tranquilas aguas del Mekong

There is nothing more sublime than slowly cruising the River Mekong’s all but still waters.

River Mekong cruises

 Sailing the River Mekong’s tranquil waters aboard the Aqua Mekong—one of the most exclusive cruise boats in the Aqua Expeditions flotilla—takes you to remote ports-of-call and gilt temples as you cultivate total relax from your stateroom suite and its 180˚ vistas.

Sample Michelin-star Chef David Thompson’s haute cuisine fusions that mix sustainable ingredients with classic tastes from a rich roster of cultures.

Aqua Mekong cruises lead you to explorations in hand with expert guides, aboard kayaks, on two wheels or speedy motorboats. Along verdant Mekong banks you sink into your gorgeous surroundings as well as everyday life in Vietnamese villages.

Recommended travel time: Spring and fall

Vietnam is famed for its humid, tropical climate that cooks up average temps hovering at 24˚C year-round, divided into dry and rainy seasons. The two dry seasons are best for travel to Vietnam, in April, May, October and November.

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