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Tailor-made trip to Sri Lanka

 The best way to travel to Sri Lanka is through a tailor-made and private trip. From coconut-fringed riverbanks, rice-padded tropical plains and pristine beaches, to legendary Ceylon tea plantations dotted with former colonial mansions now converted into charming hotels. Little Sri Lanka surprises by combining a unique natural and cultural wealth in the world, a privileged climate and the slight trace of British distinction of the old colonial era.

Wild and authentic, the pearl of the Indian Ocean stands out as one of the most surprising and least crowded destinations on the Asian continent. Wherever the traveler goes, its inhabitants will welcome him with a smile.


Sri Lanka. Paseo en globo al amanecer

Sri Lanka. Paseo en globo al amanecer

Sunrise hot air balloon ride to enjoy the impressive Sigiriya Fortress and the surrounding lush jungle.

Sri Lanka. Safari por el Parque Nacional de Yala

Sri Lanka. Safari por el Parque Nacional de Yala

Safari through the Yala National Park in search of birds, sloths, leopards and crocodiles.

Sri Lanka. Recorrer los infinitos arrozales en bicicleta

Sri Lanka. Recorrer los infinitos arrozales en bicicleta

Tour the infinite rice fields by bicycle. Hidden paths that the jungle of the Anuradhapura citadel protects, discovering the ruins of its monastic complex.

Sri Lanka. Encuentro en la casa de uno de los artistas más reconocidos de Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Encuentro en la casa de uno de los artistas más reconocidos de Sri Lanka

Meeting at the home of one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned artists. Enter his secret garden, his extraordinary library and his private gallery.

You can´t miss… Tea factories now turned into luxury hotels

In ancient Ceylon, there is a unique and wild place nestled in the middle of the Nuwara Eliya mountains. An old tea factory, converted into luxury accommodation with breathtaking views. There, the monkeys climb the pillars like trees, the swifts build nests in the corners and the elephants come to drink and bathe in the lake in front of the hotel.

Part of the experience offers the opportunity to learn how to collect tea leaves in the surrounding plantation, assisting in the drying and packaging process. A memory that will last indelibly in the mind of the traveler.

Recommended season: spring

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with very pleasant temperatures, all year round, and with occasional low intensity monsoons. Thanks to a central mountain range that acts as a dividing screen, the monsoons only affect the northeast coast from November to January and the southwest coast from May to July. In the interior and mountain areas (Nuwara, Eliya, Adam’s Peak, etc.), temperatures tend to be cooler and can drop to around 59ºF at night.

Seasonal experiences

 In the city of Kandy, during the full moon days of July and August, the Buddhist festival Esala Perahera is celebrated. It lasts for 10 days and coincides with the lunar month “Esala”, according to the Sinhalese calendar. Its beautiful streets are flooded with pilgrims, curious and travelers who go in procession to the Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth, where that sacred relic is kept. A large, beautifully decorated elephant parades carrying a replica of the tooth and dozens of elephants, musicians and dancers dressed in traditional costumes follow him through the torch-lit streets.

It is a show worth seeing in which the different cultural and religious traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism are mixed.

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