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Custom travel to Japan

 When you reach Japan for the first time, take time to think of both the physical and the cultural breach that separates it from wherever you call home. Japan is a land whose powerful contrasts challenge the entire world. For one, you’ve got crowded but innovative Tokyo always taking things to the next level, setting trends for other cosmopolitan and global cities, with its bullet-trains and innumerable skyscrapers, blinking neon signs, and millions of citizens on bikes and on foot. Tokyo is the motor that drives change throughout Japan.

You’ll also love the sweet more traditional Japan, with its sanctuaries that cling to mountains, sacred forests and, even today, the elusive seduction of geishas you glimpse on narrow streets in the city’s most ancient quarters.


Japón. Entrada para un torneo de sumo

Japón. Entrada para un torneo de sumo

Enjoy attending a Sumo wrestling match. Championships take place on a handful of dates, yearly, in four cities only.

Japón. Experimentar la vida japonesa tradicional

Japón. Experimentar la vida japonesa tradicional

Don’t go home without experiencing traditional Nipponese life. Stay in exclusive ryokan hot-springs resorts throughout the nation; try on exquisite kimonos; learn katana sword technique from the experts or just chill out in the hot waters of a tranquil onsen bathhouse.

Japón. Las galerías más ocultas de la ciudad de Tokio

Japón. Las galerías más ocultas de la ciudad de Tokio

A professional photographer gets you into Tokyo’s most underground galleries. Expect some a-has about Japan’s true essence and society.

Japón. Aprender las técnicas más novedosas de la cocina japonesa

Japón. Aprender las técnicas más novedosas de la cocina japonesa

Learn Japanese cooking’s latest trends and techniques—as well as traditional tips on the country’s delicate gastronomy, in the company of an esteemed local chef.

Japón. Conocer de cerca las tradiciones de la cultura nipona

Japón. Conocer de cerca las tradiciones de la cultura nipona

Learn more about Japanese tradition and culture at a private dinner with a real-life geisha.

Best Japan experience ever: Stay at a Ryokan

Lodging at inns known as ryokans, sited near hot-springs and surrounded by exquisite nature, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that gets you closer to Japan’s most authentic culture and tradition. Once inside you’ll find tatami floors, and straw cushions; the paper sliding doors known as shojis. You’ll sleep on a luxury futon and savor traditional dishes served with the utmost taste; or reconnect to yourself in a delicious, private onsen thermal bath. All in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility.

Recommended travel time: Spring

The best season for travelling to Japan is in spring when the weather is warm and is when Tokyo cherry trees reach peak pink blossoms (late March to early April). You’ll discover splendid landscapes as well as mountains and not least of all, gardens awash in pinks and reds that characterize the season’s flowers.

That said, the fall is also an ideal time to visit Japan. The weather is temperate. As tree leaves redden and fall, all nature takes on extraordinary color.

Seasonal experiences

One of the most anticipated Japan events is the one known as hanami (late March-early April) a moment for contemplating cherry blossoms that burst onto the scene and announce winter’s end as well as the promise of warmer, more pleasant weather. It is the beginning of a more beautiful and fruitful season.

This brief period is the perfect moment to get together with family and friends at a “picnic” in the shade beneath the trees, surrounded by an unbelievable landscape replete in white, red and violet flowers.

Check out popular spots to celebrate spring’s arrival such as Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto and the Osaka Castle gardens.

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