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Tailor made trip to China

Immense, distant and mysterious. China is daunting even when viewed on a map. The legacy of ancient dynasties, ancient wisdom and old proverbs, coexist in harmony under the shadow of the majestic skyscrapers of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The bustle and modernity of its futuristic cities are only borrowings from others that confuse the gaze of its true identity. To the south, where life passes guarded by the protection of the Himalayas, you can breathe the peace and tranquility you desire


China. La Gran Muralla de Huanghuacheng

China. La Gran Muralla de Huanghuacheng

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

China. La aldea rural de Baisha en bicicleta

China. La aldea rural de Baisha en bicicleta

The rural village of Baisha by bicycle a few kilometers from Lijiang and at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

China. Los maravillosos templos

China. Los maravillosos templos

Enter in the company of a monk in one of the wonderful temples.

China. Conocer las mejores técnicas culinarias

China. Conocer las mejores técnicas culinarias

Learn about the best culinary techniques and local recipes from the various areas of the country from the hand of a professional chef in a private cooking class.

China. Los majestuosos palacios de la Ciudad Prohibida

China. Los majestuosos palacios de la Ciudad Prohibida

Discover behind closed doors one of the majestic palaces of the Forbidden City.

Top Experience: Private tour of the charming city of Hangzhou

The city of Hangzhou, located about 106 miles rom Shanghai, is one of the six great capitals of ancient China and one of the most beautiful in the country. The West Lake and the mountainous area combine and fuse to form such an admirable ensemble that they have given Hangzhou the reputation of being a ‘paradise on earth’.

A walk along the West Lake, treasure and symbol of the idyllic life of the city, becomes an experience that takes the traveler to a remote time where peace, calm and romance flood their sensations.

Recommended season: spring and autumn

 The climate in China is very varied given its great extension and we can broadly distinguish four climatic domains, two to the west, with the heights of the Himalayas and the dry climate deserts of the middle latitudes, and two to the east, with the climate humid continental to the north and humid subtropical climate to the south, where the monsoon mechanism governs the rainy season.

The best time to travel to China is during spring and autumn with warm temperatures and little rainfall in most of the country. Summers are very hot and winters are extremely cold.

Seasonal experiences

Fly over the Great Wall by helicopter, ‘Wonder of the World’ and defensive barrier of a people jealous of their traditions, or have lunch in it privately with the city of Pekin at your feet.

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