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The thousand-year culture

Custom travel to China

Immense, far off and mysterious. China can be overwhelming even just on the map. Its history of absolute dynasties that often endured for centuries, its age-old knowledge

The madness and modernity you discover in China’s futuristic cities are imitations of other cultures that obscure our understanding of Chinese civilization’s true identity. In the nation’s south—where life carries on, protected by the Himalayas—you’ll feel at peace and perceive the tranquil vibe you were looking for.


China. La Gran Muralla de Huanghuacheng

China. La Gran Muralla de Huanghuacheng

Finally see the Great Wall aboard a scooter sidecar at Huanghuacheng.

China. La aldea rural de Baisha en bicicleta

China. La aldea rural de Baisha en bicicleta

Roll through the rural village of Baisha on bikes, just a few kilometers from Lijiang and at the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain.

China. Los maravillosos templos

China. Los maravillosos templos

Take a monk-led tour to marvelous temples in mountain towns; in a moving, private ceremony you’ll receive a special blessing.

China. Conocer las mejores técnicas culinarias

China. Conocer las mejores técnicas culinarias

Learn the best culinary technique, alongside local recipes, in numerous Chinese regions, always in private and always in tandem with accomplished chefs./p>

China. Los majestuosos palacios de la Ciudad Prohibida

China. Los majestuosos palacios de la Ciudad Prohibida

Discover what’s behind closed doors in the aptly named Forbidden City’s majestic palaces.

Best China experience ever: A private excursion to the enchanting city of Hangzhou

The city of Hangzhou, some 170 km from Shanghai, is one of Ancient China’s six largest capitals and one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. The so-called West Lakeland and the mountainous region combine and mesh into such an admirable ensemble that many call Hangzhou “heaven on earth.”

A stroll along West Lake—a local treasure and now a symbol of idyllic metropolitan life—becomes an experience that transports you to a remote past where peace, no worries and rich romanticism overwhelm your senses.

Recommended travel time: Spring and fall

 The Chinese climate is quite varied due to the country’s immense size. In rough terms we can observe four climate zones. To the west lie the Himalaya highlands as well as dry-weather deserts at medium latitudes. To the east there are two more zones, specifically a humid northern zone and the humid, sub-tropical weather in the Chinese south, where monsoons order the rainy season.

The best seasons for visiting China are spring and fall, featuring warm temperatures and scant rain practically nationwide. Summers are way hot and winters are cold, cold, cold.

Seasonal experiences

Soar over the “wonder of the world” Great Wall of China, aboard a helicopter, to see the wall designed to protect the ancient Chinese way-of-life from barbarian invaders. Or have a private gourmet snack on the wall with all Beijing at your feet.

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