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Custom travel to Peru

The best way to custom travel, in privacy, to a Peru that never ties you down with restrictions or fixed itineraries. Between pre-Columbian ruins and the white Andean mountain range is born the Incas’ fascinating and diverse territory.

You’ll love colonial cities that smack of Spain, historical museums, Cuzco, Machu Picchu or the most recondite desert coastline in the country’s south, smacking of ceviche; Peru’s Lake Titicaca islands, with their tortora-reed caballito watercraft; and Andean valleys home to Quechuas since the beginning of human history. Peru is a favorite with sophisticated travelers attracted to its mix of history, unimagined landscapes and legend. As first known in Inca culture, this “four-region realm” continues to apply its hallmarks and mysterious air.


Perú. Crucero a bordo del barco Aria Amazon

Perú. Crucero a bordo del barco Aria Amazon

Board the Aria Amazon for a stunning cruise down its namesake river.

Perú. Contemplar las constelaciones y estrellas del Hemisferio Sur

Perú. Contemplar las constelaciones y estrellas del Hemisferio Sur

Don’t forget to look up and contemplate the Southern Hemisphere’s constellations and stars—especially in the hands of an expert astronomer guide at Lake Titicaca.

Perú. Encuentro con comunidades indígenas

Perú. Encuentro con comunidades indígenas

Get to know indigenous communities in the middle of Peruvian forests.

Perú. Recorrido en tren de lujo

Perú. Recorrido en tren de lujo

All aboard the luxury trains that evince the purest possible 1920s Pullman aesthetic. Ride from Cuzco to Puno or from Cuzco to Machu Picchu.

Peruvian cuisine

Peru is a multiethnic nation and the capital city of Lima is the port of entry. It was here that Andean ancestors encountered Spanish Conquistadors for the first time, to whom, over the ages, were added Asiatic immigrants, Africans, Arabs, Europeans and people from the United States. Many centuries later, a fusion of their culinary expressions brought recognition that Peruvian food is some of the very best on the earth.

NUBA will design authentic experiences that will have you falling in love with Peruvian fare. :

Discover the local ingredients that bring life to one of the planet’s most varied and delicious cuisines, in the private residence of a prestigious Lima chef.

The NUBA route takes you to streets in Barranco—Lima’s bohemian quarter—to revel at centuries-old huariques (i.e., family-run holes-in-the- wall or private residence restaurants), bars and traditional restaurants, with rediscovered “old-school” recipes; all in the company of a renowned and prize-winning food writer.

Recommended travel time: Summer

Peru enjoys a temperate climate that never gets too cold in winter nor too hot in summer; travel is possible year-round. That said, given the country’s extensive geography, you’re going to see some considerable weather variations. Along the coast, the climate is arid-subtropical and it almost never rains. In the Andes, you get two appreciable seasons, summer rains and winter dry. The Amazon region has tropical weather, with rain throughout the year and teeny-tiny dry seasons in June and August.

Seasonal experiences

Luxury adventure on the Peruvian Amazon includes lush riverbanks and a host of jungle birds that trail after the good ship Aria Amazon as it makes its way up and down the eponymous river. Luxurious in every detail, the cruise vessel frames the landscape as a dream, through enormous picture-windows in every passenger stateroom. You chill, but without missing a single impression.

Take advantage of exclusive access to the private art collection of Lima’s Barbosa-Stern family. It’s one of the strangest and most exquisite atmospheres anywhere in Peru.

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