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Custom Travel to Tanzania

The best way to custom-travel to Tanzania in privacy, with attention to the smallest detail. You’ll marvel at on-foot safaris in out-of-the-way reserves known as Selous and Mikumi, hot-air balloon excursions above the savannas or outdoor nights in luxury tents and colonial-style lodges. You’ll feel the “wild” life in its purest form.

Whether it’s northern parks or unexplored wilderness in the south, Tanzania hides something else in every corner of verdant plain and gamboling knoll. From the wildlife extravaganza at Ngorongoro and the marvelous peak at Kilimanjaro, to murky waters at Lake Manyara and endless Serengeti plains. Africa’s classic panoramas will have you thinking of imaginary montages from the movies or the adventure books you read as a kid.


Tanzania. Sobrevuelo en globo

Tanzania. Sobrevuelo en globo

Hot-air balloon fly over the African savanna, up close to the wildlife.

Tanzania. Safaris a pie

Tanzania. Safaris a pie

On-foot safaris—always accompanied by expert guides—at less overrun reserves like south Tanzania’s Selous and Mikumi.

Tanzania. Ascenso a las cumbres nevadas del Monte Kilimanjaro

Tanzania. Ascenso a las cumbres nevadas del Monte Kilimanjaro

Climbing to the whitecap peaks at Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania. La tribu de los Masai

Tanzania. La tribu de los Masai

An encounter with Masai nationals as well lesser as known tribes like the Hadzabe and Datoga at Lake Eyasi.

Tanzania. Encuentro con chimpancés

Tanzania. Encuentro con chimpancés

You’ll reach Rubondo to meet chimpanzees not accustomed to human visitors. Can you get close to their habitat?

Tanzania. La migración del mundo salvaje

Tanzania. La migración del mundo salvaje

You’ll experience mass animal-kingdom migrations—a moment you’ll never forget.

Recommended travel time: Summer

Tanzania is subject to tropical weather and an average temperature of 27˚C. From June to October, days are dry and warm and the nights cool, making these the best bets for Tanzania travel. Another recommend season is from December to February, with sunny but hotter days.

Seasonal experiences

Mid-February to early March produces the animal kingdom’s most spectacular wild migration. Approximately one million gnus and 750,000 zebras make the move to fresher grasslands, trekking from north-Tanzania’s Serengeti to the Masai Mara reserve in the south of Kenya, before returning to the Serengeti. A wildlife and nature explosion becomes a one-of-a-kind, must-do moment.

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