Las maravillosas Playas de África


The last paradise

Custom Travel to African Beaches

Gold-sand beaches, turquoise waters that obscure the planet’s most spectacular seafloors, colonial villas awash in pure jungle gardens, alongside thick tropical forests… Africa’s coastal areas reserve unique whereabouts guaranteed to make you lose all sense of time and—beyond hotel gates—start exploring centuries of history in its streets and colorful bazaars.


Playas de África. Relajarse en un dhow tradicional de Zanzíbar

Playas de África. Relajarse en un dhow tradicional de Zanzíbar

Relax aboard a traditional Zanzibar dhow as you take in taarab background music.

Playas de África. Deslizarse sobre las olas

Playas de África. Deslizarse sobre las olas

Scamper about the waves at the Seychelles Islands’ special beaches, then find yourself at the top of a hill, enjoying a rich massage or a meditation class.

Playas de África. Conocer una de las zonas más importantes de anidación de tortugas

Playas de África. Conocer una de las zonas más importantes de anidación de tortugas

Get up close to one of the most important sea-turtle nesting areas, known as Quilalea Private Island, and see the first moments of a hatchling’s life.

Discover Mauritius’s natural riches at Domaine de l’Étoile

We’re talking a highly original, 6000-hectare park, sited on the southeast side of the island. Its endemic forests, crystalline rivers and exuberant valleys will open up to you with a privileged view overlooking the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect spot for quad or horseback excursions, in the company of local guides who are flora and fauna geniuses. You’ll also spot deer, monkeys and birds, like kestrels and Mauritius parakeets (that are in danger of extinction).

May Valley Natural Reserve (Praslin, Seychelles)

Situated at the heart of tiny Preslin Island, this reserve is home to traces of a natural palm grove that has been conserved since its primitive state. At this organic place, you’ll find the largest seed in the plant kingdom, from the famed “sea coconut” palm, whose fruit in the past was thought to grow on the ocean floor.

Recommended travel time: All year

African beach weather is tropical and hot all year, so any time is a good time to visit. That said, it might behoove you to avoid the rainy season or months prone to cyclones. NUBA will assess your choices regarding the season that best addresses your interests.

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