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Gold and ochre

Custom Travel to Morocco

The best way to custom travel to Morocco, in privacy, and down to the smallest detail. In everything from fascinating Marrakech and the Valley of Draa’s verdant palm groves; Saharan dunes and the peaks of the Atlas Mountain highlands; to immense Skoura Oasis and the insurmountable gorges at Dades. Morocco will always strike you as a colorful carpet embroidered in lyrical scenes; the flavor of tea and spices; almond and pistachio sweets.

You’ll discover plazas that never sleep, marvelous souks and bazaars, sunsets that evaporate with the afternoon heat, narrow labyrinths home to exclusive palaces and riad gardens. Not to mention the desert in all its power.


Marruecos. Noche en jaima en las cercanías del oasis de Iriki

Marruecos. Noche en jaima en las cercanías del oasis de Iriki

Spend the night in a jaima tent on the outskirts of Iriki Oasis in Morocco’s south.

Marruecos. Marrakech

Marruecos. Marrakech

A writer takes you through Marrakech on an historico-literary tour of the old medina.

Marruecos. Explorar Marrakech sobre una moto vintage con sidecar

Marruecos. Explorar Marrakech sobre una moto vintage con sidecar

Explore Marrakech on a vintage motorcycle and sidecar as you discover secret, unexpected places and enjoy nightlife from terrace-tops.

Marruecos. Recorridos en 4×4 por el oasis de Skoura

Marruecos. Recorridos en 4×4 por el oasis de Skoura

Take 4×4 tours through Skoura Oasis to Dodes Valley, sunrises studded with dromedaries in Erg Chebi or local cooking classes with famous Moroccan chefs.

Marruecos. Vuelo en globo aerostático

Marruecos. Vuelo en globo aerostático

Hot-air balloon trips over the Marrakech outskirts.

Hot-air balloon trips to the Marrakech outskirts

Floating around in a hot-air balloon at dawn, you contemplate the contrast between the “Red City” of Marrakech and the surrounding area’s beautiful-hued landscapes in an unmatched experience you won’t want to miss on your trip. Excursions last approximately one hour. A magical journey in every sense.

Recommended travel time: Winter

Moroccan weather depends considerably on the regions you visit. Along the coast, the climate is fundamentally warm, with gentle, humid winters and semi-hot summers. Coastal rains tend to fall from November to March.

The Morocco interior enjoys greater weather contrasts, hotter and drier. In the nation’s south, all the way to the UN designated “non-self-governing-territory” of Western Sahara, the climate is exceedingly hot and dry most of the year, with cooler nights in December and January.

Mountainous areas are colder. Marrakech and Agadir have quite amenably warm weather that hovers around 21˚C in winter, and it’s the perfect time to visit Morocco

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