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Custom Travel to Kenya

The best way to custom travel to Kenya, in privacy , and down to the smallest detail. Open-eyed dreams are possible in this corner of Africa.

Soon after reaching Kenya, the writer Karen Blixen wrote her family to express her great enthusiasm for the wild, free country that was becoming her new home. You, too, will never forget romantic safaris in Kenya with hunter Denys Finch Hatton.


Kenia. Safaris en privado

Kenia. Safaris en privado

Private safaris that Masai warriors conduct lead you to Masai Mara’s green grasslands and the nature parks at Amboseli.

Kenia. Glamping en lodges de película y tiendas de lujo

Kenia. Glamping en lodges de película y tiendas de lujo

Glamping in lodges like something from the movies, following animal migrations and enjoying private service in the savanna’s most appealing corners.


Kenia. Sobrevolar la exclusiva zona de Laikipia

Kenia. Sobrevolar la exclusiva zona de Laikipia

Fly over the exclusive Laikipia district in a vintage biplane inspired by the film Out of Africa as you remember its most romantic scenes.

Kenia. Recorrido por la Reserva de Samburu

Kenia. Recorrido por la Reserva de Samburu

An excursion to the Samburu Reserve, home to endemic species such as reticulated giraffes, Grevy zebras or the intriguing long-necked antelope known as a gerenuk.

Kenia. Safari en bicicleta por Chyulu Hills

Kenia. Safari en bicicleta por Chyulu Hills

Bicycle safari through the Chyulu Hills with great Kilimanjaro views.

Bicycle safari through the Chyulu Hills and Kilimanjaro views

Not far from Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, you suddenly find yourself in a lesser-known reserve called Chyulu Hills, from which to admire the most imposing Kilimanjaro views. It’s a knockout locale formed by volcanoes and enormous grasslands featuring infinite aromatic plants and cedar bosks. It’s also home to formidable numbers of zebra, gnu, giraffe, elephant, buffalo and spectacular black rhino.

Your mountain-bike safari is a once-in-lifetime adventure, a deep dive into one of Kenya’s most authentic regions, considered the nation’s best hideaway.

Recommended travel time: Summer

Kenya’s weather is tropical and temperate, but, depending on where you go, could vary considerably. At the coast, conditions are hot and humid, year-round, while highlands and the interior register more precipitation and cooler temperatures. The regions to the north of Nairobi are dry in general, with hot summers and cool winters

The rainy seasons in Kenya last from April to June and October to December and are the best times for visiting the country during the northern summer (June to September) as well as the northern winter (January and February).

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