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Custom Travel to Namibia, Safaris and Luxury “Glamping”

The best way to custom travel to Botswana, in private, organized to the smallest detail. Experience “glamping” in luxury lodges and tents, in one of Africa’s least known and most exclusive nations..

 You’ll thrill to the Kalahari’s Desert’s coppery sands and the moonscapes at the Makgadikgadi salt-flats; at natural reserves at Moremi and Chobe and the emerald-green plains of the Okavango Delta. Botswana is a whole other Africa, more authentic, wilder. You’ll feel you’re living a dream, surrounded in nature’s cacophony and wrapped in a starry cloak, in the middle of a warm, sweet savanna. Botswana is one of the most fascinating experiences when it comes to enjoying the call of the wild.


Botswana. Delta del Okavango a caballo o en helicóptero

Botswana. Delta del Okavango a caballo o en helicóptero

Do the Okavango Delta on horseback or helicopter, alongside expert guides that lead you behind migrating animal herds.

Botswana. Noche bajo las estrellas en Botswana

Botswana. Noche bajo las estrellas en Botswana

A night under the stars in a luxury tent at Makagadikgadi Pans National Park, the magnificent salt-flat in northern Botswana.

Botswana. Aprende cómo viven los Bosquimanos

Botswana. Aprende cómo viven los Bosquimanos

Learn how the Kalahari bush-people live, using medicinal plants, different hunting techniques and enjoying their stories, songs and dances.

Botswana. Paseos en mokoro o en lancha

Botswana. Paseos en mokoro o en lancha

Sunset motorboat or mokoro excursions over the delta’s tranquil waters.

Botswana. Descansar en alojamientos de lujo o en lodges

Botswana. Descansar en alojamientos de lujo o en lodges

Rest in luxury accommodations, or lodges, where you’ll feel nature up close.

Glamping in Botswana

NUBA is a pioneer in providing this experience that families and couples increasingly covet. “Glamping” is outdoor camping in isolated whereabouts where you’ll perceive nature at its purest while still enjoying the amenities of a luxury hotel. The concept is native to Africa and hearkens back to expedition camps of the nineteenth- and early-twentieth centuries. These days they allow the most demanding travelers to enjoy natural surroundings but never without the comfort levels to which they accustomed.

Luxury glamping features details that make a difference. Everything from footed bathtubs overlooking watering-holes; colonial-style lodges; air-conditioned, luxury tents; to electricity and king-size canopy beds. Victorian furnishings will astound you, as will butler or chef services that take care of everything after a day on safari. It’s a much less invasive tourism that reaches hard-to-get-to locales.

NUBA recommends sleeping at lodges if this is your first Africa experience; they provide a greater sense of security. If you’re talking a second trip, or something more intense, you’ve got luxury tents with canvas sides, ideal for hearing wildlife throughout the night and feeling closer to nature. Or opt for mobile tents and follow behind migrating herds.

Recommended travel time: Summer and fall

Any time of year is good for traveling to Botswana. The very best time depends on the weather, where you’re going as well as your interests, tastes and disquiets.

Seasonal experiences

The Botswana rainy season begins at the end of November and lasts until March; rains are heavier in the north than the south; the landscape greens extraordinarily. The water lilies at the Okavango Delta reach peak-bloom at this time. It’s a season for giving birth and excellent time for birdwatching.

It stops raining in April and temperatures are cooler. You see spectacular wildlife and botanical abundance. Many animal species are caring for their young and predators are active. This is the high-tide season on the delta, the best time for romantic sails in mokoro boats.

 For those that dream of safari, the best time is the dry season, from May to October, when temperatures rise and dry out the landscape, favoring animal-observation at watering holes. September will dazzle you with large elephant herds at Chobe National Park.

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