Andean Explorer

Andean Explorer

Andean Explorer

Created to offer a luxurious experience, combined with a mystical connection with nature, the Andean Explorer is the best way to cross the fascinating Cusco-Puno-Cusco route in Peru, which encompasses impressive archaeological sites, trails between the majestic Andes and  the beautiful traditional villas. Without a doubt, one of the most mystical places in the world.

Nothing like enjoying delicious Peruvian cuisine while admiring an incredible view of the Andes in the observatory car listening to traditional music. Thus, the experience aboard the Andean Explorer is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable and special in rail tourism.

This majestic Pullman-style train from the 1920s is considered “the best luxury train in South America” by the World Travel Awards. It offers a unique route through the most beautiful region of the Andes: Cusco, passing through Lake Titicaca and the landscapes of the area.


  • Route: From Cusco to Puno
  • Duration of the trip: 10 hours
  • Amenities: ultra-luxury cabins, bar, typical gastronomy, excursions, tours, personalized service, shows and live music.

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