For a smart cocktail to be a success, you’ve got to combine the very best ingredients—and in the right proportions. And don’t forget the bartender’s important task of knowing how to balance all the elements and adapt the mix to every couple’s tastes.
NUBA has selected the most exclusive mixes that best please demanding couple’s palates.



Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique
Couples that have seen everything in mixology love this particular pop. Strong on the palate and with great shots of authentic, but different experiences.

You start with one-third Okavango Delta, with bridlepaths across flood plains, or mokoro excursions. Then add some red-colored sand from the Kalahari Desert, plus salt flats like Makgadikgadi and quart of safaris from Moremi and Chobe natural parks.

Stir until you reach a mix taste, based how much lust for adventure you and your partner have. Once you’ve done that, top off with bubbly Victoria Falls. The final touch is crushed ice with that touch of cool that’s perfect for sipping on Mozambique’s quite warm beaches.


Hotel Lodge exclusivo en Botswana



Tanzania y Zanzibar 
Such a classic. The par excellence mix for more traditional couples. Balmy and sweet, the African savanna seizes safari lovers in private, on hot-air balloon rides, nights under the stars at lodges, or at luxury boutiques. You’ll feel the “wild-life” in its purest state.

The cocktail’s base kicks off by combining fresh, fertile Serengeti grasslands, the never-ending heavens in Manyara, the undulating hills around Tarangire, and the boom of life at Ngorongoro Crater. To add more strength and flavor, barely-known Selous and Mikumi nature reserves make for the perfect garnish.

For the most perfect mix, add a few ounces of turquoise-hued water, golden-sand beaches, surround with tropical forests and serve!


Lodge Exclusivo en Africa, NUBA



Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Awash in the Indian Ocean’s deep-blue waters, this refreshing and exotic cocktail is a real surprise when combined with a natural and cultural richness like no other in the world.

Jungle, mountains, volcanoes, millennia-old cities, nature parks, white-sand virgin beaches… Plus the unmistakable touch of cinnamon and Ceylon tea, harvested by the Tamil women among green rice paddies and farms at the heart of the island. It is the pure essence of Asiatic luxury.


Playa Islas Maldivas



Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Koh Kood
A legendary mix that hearkens to couples from the golden age of colonial splendor and luxury that also draws seekers to some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere.

Be sure mix and stir the cocktail shaker well to reveal a universe of temples and palaces now swallowed by the jungle, quaint floating villages, welcoming teak manor houses, extensive rice cultivations and indigenous nations that conserve their ancestral customs. And guess what garnish turns out to be absolutely called for? You guessed it: the warmth and hospitality of the local populations.

Not least of all, aromatize with the essence of the sea. Start sipping your cocktail in this paradise home to elegant Thai-style villas, infinity pools and panoramic views of the big blue.


Pool by Laos



Chile and Argentina
As sensual as a tango, magnetic for its abrupt contrasts, this mix with millennia-old cocktail ice distills a flavor all its own as it seizes every couple that takes a sip. It an explosion of flavors!

Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno, Iguazú…all add up to a picturesque, infinite festival of colors, aromas and sensations. You’ll need oceans of salt, glaciers, vineyards, Buenos Aires neighborhoods brimming rhythm and vitality, impactful moonscape valleys… You will feel the peace and quiet of Patagonia’s majestic ice walls.


Hotel exclusivo con vistas a Patagonia


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